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Puerto Plata Open tennis tournament
Puerto Plata Open tennis tournament
Puerto Plata Open tennis tournament
Puerto Plata Open tennis tournament

Don't miss the special event at Sosua Ocean Village!

This weekend, September 17 and 18, the Puerto Plata Open tennis tournament will be held at the International Tennis Center.

The tournament is officially eligible for the Universal Tennis Ranking (UTR):
- As this is a "Verified" tournament, all participants will obtain the classification used by University coaches in the USA to recruit players, by professional player analysts, and by organizers of verified events.
- UTR classifies all Players by the actual level of play making the matches more balanced and fun for everyone! Just by playing 1 match, the Algorithm will assign you a "Projected" UTR. After you have played between 6 and 10 matches, you will have a "Trusted" UTR.
- With UTR "Play Local - World Account"!

The open category winner will receive a cash prize of 5,000 pesos!

There are 5 different categories:
Category Open (Male and Female together) - prize of RD$ 5,000 for the Winner!
Men's B
Women's B
Juniors (Male and Female together divided by age and level to different groups)
Mini Tennis - 4-8 years old

Participation in the tournament requires PRIOR REGISTRATION.
Registration is open on the UTR page or we can register you at the Tennis Center.

For more information, please call at:
 +1(829)886-7345 (Whatsapp available).