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Interesting events taking place in and outside of the residential community Sosua Ocean Village.

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New electric lawn mowers
New electric lawn mowers

We are happy to inform you that we have recently purchased new electric lawn mowers. They are mini-tractors equipped with seats, driven with a steering wheel and are used to mow large areas.

1) They are ecological since their main advantage is that they do not pollute.
2) In addition, they are less noisy, due to the type of motor. So this equipment produce a reduced acoustic impact compared to gasoline cutters.
3) Our electric mowers are lighter, faster, and easier to handle, change positions, and spin with amazing agility.
4) Their batteries assure 5 uninterrupted hours of effective work.

Mexican cuisine
Mexican cuisineMexican cuisineMexican cuisine
Mexican cuisine

We invite you to try our new dishes of the mexican food section of our delivery menu:

Chicken taco salad - 330 RD
Tex-Mex fried cheese - 230 RD
Chicken Quesadilla - 450 RD
Meat quesadilla - 400 RD
Chicken Flute - 280 RD

Tax included

For place orders call us at 829-520-8999 (WhatsApp available, Spanish / English)

We deliver in Sosua and Cabarete from 11 am to 4 pm

Social responsability
Social responsabilitySocial responsability
Social responsability

During two last weeks the administration of Sosua Ocean Village in collaboration with the administration of the Playero Supermarket were giving over financial assistance certificates worth 2,000 RD apiece to 147 people from our municipality of Sosúa. This act of charity was carried out in order to provide support to the population in need during this difficult period of struggle against COVID-19.

We thank all people for the collaboration in organization and promoting this initiative. We are very happy to be granted the honor of making our contribution to the social life of our municipality.