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Help Ukrainian children at Laguna SOV
Everyone can help!

This Sunday, March 27th, all revenues from admission tickets to the Laguna SOV entertainment park will be donated to the UNICEF fund for the children affected by the war in Ukraine!

The Ukrainian catastrophe is rapidly escalating into a huge humanitarian disaster. The number of people in need is fast growing; millions of people, including women and kids, are in desperate need of medical help. In response to these tragic events, UNICEF has created an official channel to support Ukrainian children from all over the world. UNICEF is working with partners to reach vulnerable children and families with essential services: including health, education, protection, water, and sanitation - as well as life-saving supplies.

By purchasing an entrance ticket to Laguna SOV, you will support millions of Ukrainian children who desperately need your help. Your support will save real lives!

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean!

Special program for the feral cats at Sosua Ocean Village.
Special program for the feral cats at Sosua Ocean Village.Special program for the feral cats at Sosua Ocean Village.Special program for the feral cats at Sosua Ocean Village.
Trap - Neuter - Vaccinate - Return program for the feral cats at Sosua Ocean Village

Trap - Neuter - Vaccinate - Return program for the feral cats at Sosua Ocean Village.

On behalf of our residential community, we would like to thank the nonprofit volunteer-based organization Dogs and Cats of the Dominican Republic DCDR, all of their volunteers and doctors, our resident volunteer Renn Ho'aloha Loren for doing such a fantastic job!

DCDR professionals recently trapped, spayed and neutered 12 community cats living in the Sosua Ocean Village neighborhood. They have all been returned to the community now, healthy, happy, vaccinated, and dewormed.

Do you know why wild cats need to be spayed?

Trap - Neuter - Vaccinate - Return is the most humane and effective approach for stray and feral cats. It enhances their lives, their relationships with the people, and decreases the size of colonies over time.
 ⁃ It relieves cats of the constant stresses of mating and pregnancy;
 ⁃ Cats’ physical health improves;
 ⁃ Cats are vaccinated against rabies;
 ⁃ Cats live long, healthy lives;
 ⁃ The population stabilizes - no more kittens;
 ⁃ Cats become better neighbors.

At Sosua Ocean Village, we believe that caring for those who are weak, sick, or helpless is an important aspect of living in a civilized society. We take full responsibility for our tiniest creatures and their well-being.

We are against war!
We are against war!

On behalf of our residential and tourist complex Sosua Ocean Village, we send our sincerest sympathy and support to all Ukrainian citizens, their relatives, and loved ones.

A war crime against humanity has been witnessed by all of us. At Sosua Ocean Village, we protest the actions of the Russian Federation government.

At Sosua Ocean Village, we have a huge international team, where the largest number of Ukrainian citizens of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic work.

For our entire team, as well as the entire world, this war is a big human tragedy! We do not have enough words to express our emotions about the terrible events currently taking place in Ukraine. We are witnessing how innocent people are being killed, entire cities being destroyed, and a brutal war going on.

At Sosua Ocean Village, WE ARE AGAINST WAR! We demand an immediate restoration of peace and an end to this catastrophe for all inhabitants of our planet!